About Us

Live your youth undefeated, make your youth last forever.
We don't let time dictate our lives. We don't bow down to inclemental circumstances. We refuse to let anything come in our way if we've set our goals to it. We are a bunch of eclectic young adults set out to do what we do best- build brands.

We came into being in 2015, with a hunger to work, grow and connect. Since then, we have had the pleasure of working with more than 50+ projects belonging to a wide range of verticals- Hospitality, Fashion, E-Commerce, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Education, Real Estate and more. The way forward for our agency will be paved with our need to deliver on our promises to our clients because -
It's not enough to aim, you must hit.

Our office is based adjacent to the lively B6 market of Safdurjung Enclave and is under-a-minute walk from the lushness of Deer Park, if you care to go on a stroll and refresh your mind. Our team is currently 30 people strong, with each member belonging to varied cultural backgrounds and bringing their own expertise and skill sets in to the mix. From 10 people to 30, we have gone through rapid expansion and have also extended our services portfolio to keep up with all our clients' needs.